Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are these genuine OEM parts?

Absolutely, villagefordparts.com only sells OEM Ford parts.

2) Why does villagefordparts.com need a V.I.N.? Is it really necessary?

Yes, a V.I.N. is VERY necessary. villagefordparts.com needs a VIN to check to make sure you’re receiving the correct part for your vehicle. In VERY RARE cases,

some parts installed on a vehicle by the manufacturer are NOT the part intended due to over-runs or part shortages. In THAT case villagefordparts.com will give the

correct replacement for that particular V.I.N..

3) Does villagefordparts.com charge sales tax?

villagefordparts.com only charges tax in the home state of Henry Ford (Michigan).

4) Is villagefordparts.com web site secure? How?

Yes, very secure.In fact the safest way to do business with us is through PayPal.

5) Does villagefordparts.com offer technical support or advice for parts and accessories?

Yes. Follow the prompts on the site.

6) How can I check my order on villagefordparts.com?

You can check your order on villagefordparts.com by following the prompts throughout the website.

7) What should I do if I receive a damaged part, a part I did not order, or a part is missing a part?

Contact support@villagefordparts.com or call 1-866-407-0397 immediately, so this can be corrected ASAP!